I put my biography on a cereal box?

This term we we’re required to bring a cereal box to school. You we’re also required to write 4 pieces of writing 1 biography of famous person 2 fact file 3 artefact  4 newspapers article. I wanted to choose David robeston because i have a hearing loss and he made ultrasound. My reflection is that i should have spent more time on my newspaper article and also my artefacts and my cereal box to on the plus side i made a good biography.






I dont want to go to school

hi today we practice reading this picture story books to be ready to read to this book to our budy my goal is to read with expression.

I have practice reading with expression ande I think I achieved it i read with a small group a dog and my sister they all said i had nice expression

i think my next goal will be slow down when I’m reading i will archive this goal by practicing and hard work