Lock picks

I woke up this morning and my dad said his presentation is today. First we did an interview with a newspaper and next we went to get a lock picking set after that we had breakfast then we went back to are room and I played with my lock picking set I got to level 4 lock then I got stuck but I got through level 2 and 3 really quickly to pick the locks, but they didn’t have level one after that we went to my dad speech he was talking about how to kill someone on a computer and to get a fake baby I thought it was very interesting as soon as we got out of the  speaker room  there were like 15 people interviewing him. After that we had some dinner and then went back to the hotel. Tomorrow I’m doing lock picking lessons and going to the kid hacking classes.


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  1. Alex, this is awesome, so the next time I’m locked out of the house, I don’t need to call the locksmith, you can let me in.

    I look forward to hearing about those kid hacking classes.

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