What we did for shows don’t tell

Yesterday we watched two short Pixar film clips where the characters did not talk at all. I will list what the names were.

For the Birds.

Geri’s Game.

These films helped us to understand a story by Show don’t tell.

We made our own on stories on pieces of paper. I made a birds life. I will tell you what it’s about. There where two bird families living on seperate trees. Thier eggs hatched and everything was happy.But, suddenly one bird’s ┬áfamily tree got cut down so they moved into the other birds tree. After that the baby birds grew up and married each other and laid more eggs. ┬áThe ┬ágrandparents died then 3 pigs came from angry birds and came to steal the eggs with balloons. ┬áBut painted there ballon brown so the wood picker came and popped thinking it was a ballon and the piggies went bye bye.img_2567img_2568img_2566img_2569img_2565


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