About me

Here is 25 thing about me what i like or random other things hope you like it

1 11 years old and cool 😎

2 i have 3 dogs used to have 3 cats

3 the current book om reading is the silver door by emily rodda

4 i like pizza with pineapple

5 gaming is a fun hobby

6 i have 1 younger bother 2 older sisters

7 regular show a cartoon show

8 down ball

9 dinosaurs are cool

10 horror games

11 i like dogs

12 i like traveling

13 Jrassic park movie i like

14  i hate moscitos!!!!

15 i like sleeping

16 i like food

17 like this game dont starve mobile or pc

18 watching YouTube

19  i like animation

20 favriote xbox game

21 kind of like math

22 scoge ball is a fun game

23 territories is a fun game

24 my favourite chocolate is white chocolate

25 Minecraft is my old favourite game



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