join the green side we have plants 🌱 and turtles 🐢

Grade 4 5 6 are voting on who is the best political party and there aim i gave out business card i chose the best spot to bunker down leon Wilson were in the stand me and fletcher wereadvising people to go to our stand Scott was going in and out to make sure everyone is working at the best they can in thend we gave over 50 business cards if I’m being totally honest at the end it’s was really boring because you’re standing around giving people a peace of paper but out of my whole group i gave the most cards out then after that everyone had to vote which was the best political party people we used preferential  voting system right now where still waiting whi will win so far 13/13.

sadly we tied with 12th 11th and 10th we got six votes i think we only got 6 votes because we didn’t hook the votes eyes and ear as much as we needed to and also we put are posters 20 minutes before we started here is a digram of how we worked it out by the way free fun Friday won.